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  1. Thanks, I will look into it :)
  2. Good morning Ashley, Could you tell us what happened, so we can replicate the problem and investigate it. What did you do before it happened?
  3. NHS N/a POLICE Promet 6.5mm weapons added to the police force. OTHERS/ALL Uranium added, along with radiation. Better purchase the radiation loadout :) The loadout can be bought from Bruces, Rebel and Advanced (goggles, backpack and suit) The backpack has the same backpack space as a carryall. Different suit variants; The blue and white variants can be bought at Bruces outfits. The camo variants can be bought at Advanced and Rebel. If you don't wear the suit you wont survive inside of the zone. This is the most profitable run on the island. All kinds of the Promote 6.5mm weapon added to the Advanced weapon shop, except the GL variant. Both the sawed off and normal hunting shotgun have been added to Rebel/Advanced. New ARCO variants added to Rebel/Advanced. New Carryall variants added to Rebel/Advanced.
  4. NHS N/a POLICE N/a OTHERS/ALL Anti-VDM added. Illegal processing license costs reduced (up to 50%). Illegal licenses perk reworked; Illegal Processing (level 3) - Unlock the ability to purchase illegal licenses. Rebel Training (Level 6) - Unlock the ability to purchase the Rebel Training license. Advanced Rebel Training (Level 10) - Unlock the ability to purchase the Advanced Rebel Training license. Locksmith perks added; I - 20% chance to not trigger a car alarm while lockpicking. II - 50% chance to not trigger a car alarm while lockpicking. III - Do not trigger an alarm while lockpicking. Drug sell perk added; I - 5% more money from selling drugs. II - 15% more money from selling drugs. III - 30% more money from selling drugs. Gold sell perk added; I - 5% more money from selling (old) goldbars. II - 15% more money from selling (old) goldbars. III - 30% more money from selling (old) goldbars. Tuning shop NPC's added to the map. Incapacitated message added, when you start bleeding out.
  5. NHS N/a POLICE CSO and PCSO's now have access to a quad. OTHERS/ALL Paintball!!! You can buy a paintball gun at the gun stores, along with paintball magazines. To use the paintball gun you are required to wear one of the racing/kart outfits from the gun store. The paintball gun (P07), does not damage others, it will therefore not count as a lethal weapon. If you shoot at someone, it will paint their uniform randomly. Soon there will be a paintball arena with a paintball shop, the paintball gear will only be available in this shop. Soon Police and NHS will have an option to clean uniforms from paint, contact them if you want to get rid of your paint. Hideout marker fixes.
  6. Vliek

    Illicit | Open

    Kazz, is there still a spot open?
  7. I barely see you guys playing on the server, how can I ever come into contact about joining
  8. This gang has been permanently banned
  9. Is this a copy and paste from another website? I can be wrong, but you cannot set a background colour in the textbox
  10. NHS N/a POLICE N/a OTHERS/ALL Every gang level now increases the max members with 4. Every gang level now increases the gang bank limit more, up to 50mil (level 5). Hideout marker fixes. The NPC at fuel stations will now put his hands up when you rob him. Any vehicle which is further away than 250 metres will now show '250m+', to get rid of the keychain abusing. Lockpicking now always triggers the alarm, which stops 10 seconds after you are done lockpicking.
  11. NHS N/a POLICE N/a OTHERS/ALL Before the airdrop explodes, a plane will fly over, to make it look like the plane drops the bombs. Vehicle indicators added Keys: Q, left indicator. E , right indicator. G, turn off indicator. Tuning shop added, where you can add nitro boosts to your vehicle with plenty of other options like textures/materials.* Sadly the NPC's are not added to the map yet, be patient! After some waiting we have added a brand new gang system, with gang permissions, gang HQ's with upgrades and a tag system* * Tuning shop current features: Color modifications: Custom RGB Color textures Red (Metallic) Blue (Metallic) Green/Blue Ocean Fade Red (Glow) Yellow (Metallic) Yellow (Fade) Yellow (Glow) Chrome Materials Underglow: Custom RGB Options: Hide/Show doors Hide/Show backpacks Hide/Show bumpers Hide/Show construction Hide/Show service lights Nitro boosts Underglow can be turned on/off manually Bulletproof tyres coming soon. * Gang system features: Temporary and permanent gangs Persistent gang hideout takeovers Definable gangtags Definable gang HQ with possible upgrades: ATM Shop Hospital General Store Garage (with definable spawn position) Definable gang description (HTML) Limitable gang bank account (depending on gang level) Gang taxes (is automatically deducated on every sale) Changeable gang owner Permissions system to change ranks (even possible when players are not online) with these permissions: Invite new gang members Kick gang members (even when they're offline) Change gang HQ Change gang HQ spawn Deposit money to gang bank account Withdraw money from gang bank account Change gang description Change gang taxes Is tax payer (or not) Delete gang Upgrade gang HQ Change ranks Change permissions Change gangtag NOTE: After the update, everyone except the leader was kicked from the gangs. We did this, because while transfering the data, we didn't want every member to become the owner, since there can only be one owner. Please invite all of your members again.
  12. It might turn people off, since they are used to the default menu. We do have plans to rework all HUD's to give them a BRP feeling
  13. Vliek

    Reusable toolkits

    I could add a perk to repair vehicles quicker, with a chance to keep the toolkit
  14. Vliek

    - Gang Store -

    We might add SMG's to some sort of black market in a later state.
  15. Vliek

    - Cut n Shut

    This would affect the economy too much