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  1. Me and soldier were finishing loading our hemmets full of salt when I drove offroad and I was met face to face with an Arma glitch. I was in total disbelief because that very thing happened to me again later but sadly I don't have proof for the other incident so I will leave it alone. Evidence- Not my POV but it should do. I am in the other truck and as clearly I got thrown into the air by a glitch and I died. GEAR LIST - Combat helmet (black), Paramilitary grab (Tee), CTRG MKII HEAVY PLATE CARRIER. Balaclava (Combat goggles), Katiba 6.5 with ARCO Light and 11 magazines. also,2 zip ties 4 lockpicks and a pickaxe SEMIBANANA
  2. Luco Being racist, Prejudice, Toxic and threating to RDM and break server rules like metagaming. Evidence- I want to staff to deal with this member. He insulted multiple members of this community and I want to take actions Don't be racist.