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  1. Husky_Himself

    Grime |

    nah, just constructive criticism :)
  2. Anybody know how these work I've gone to it in a boat with a rebreather etc. swam around the area and couldn't see anything. Is there a license I need or do you need a sub? Any help gratefully accepted. :)
  3. "There's no pleasing some people." "Thats just what Jesus said sir"
  4. Its not the UK. Its Altis.... They use whatever acronyms they want. You think NHS stands for National Health Service? Its Neochori Helping the Sick. :)
  5. Just below the search bar up there ^^^ is a forms tab. All application forms are there.
  6. I can't find the Discord link anywhere on the server. Could it be posted somewhere please?
  7. Physics? nah.....
  8. It seems like I've been here before. But its different somehow. Some things are where they should be, some have gone altogether. No matter, thats Life.... My name is Husky_Himself. Or just Husky. I've been known to answer to "Oi", "Hey you" and several others that it'd be rude to repeat. I'm betting I'm one of the oldest here and I'm probably the only one who prefers being a medic to anything else (its all about the RP :) ) I'll see you out there sometime. You'll probably be thankful I'm there to help you out.