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  1. Kazz

    Illicit | Open

    Under the "Requirements"
  2. As per Wookie’s Request, myself and Jayyy will be uploading more evidence to this report. also, Semi came back into our gang channel upset because he felt as though this wasn’t dealt with correctly, and was wondering if another member of staff could review the evidence. Thanks, Kazz
  3. Kazz

    New website Icons

    Send the list on discord/forum DM if you can.
  4. Kazz

    New website Icons

    Sure mate, can hop on any sort of graphics you need, did stick a dev app in for it ;)
  5. Kazz

    New website Icons

    I felt as though the current website icons felt a bit standard and generic, so I was wondering if you wanted some new ones. These are found on forum profiles like this, seen below on the bottom left of Jayyy's profile. Currently Suggested Idea: I am more than happy to make the rest of the ones for the ranks needed :)
  6. This is a purchasable gang script.
  7. May aswell make it process everything on the map if you're adding this, huge -1
  8. Kazz

    - Cut n Shut

    Hate this idea, make it a perk with a percentage chance for the option
  9. massive -1, I've legit never even had a fight there, but added risk is cool imo.
  10. Kazz

    Illicit | Open

    goon then, accepted why not smh (do I get admin now? pog)
  11. It was fallox, he connected to four other servers and hacks started.
  12. This is the bad edited version, a new one with the same clips+more will be coming, if you play let me know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpU7L5hVGJ4
  13. we didn't die to the hacker, you may want to include you dying.
  14. Recruitment Page Illicit is a gang that was been formed on Altis a long time ago and in the past as gone under many different names, such as Vanquish and Eternity, re branding from time to time to make it difficult for the government to keep track of their operations. Illicit plan to disrupt drug trades, cartels and also the police run areas of the land, taking what they see of value, no matter how uphill the battle looks. Illicit does not create alliances with any other gangs. Illicit will take what they deem of value. Illicit do not show mercy. Illicit has certain requirements for any people that are interested in joining, anyone that wants to become a member must meet these, or have a vouch from a member within the group, otherwise they will more than likely be turned away. All civilians that wish to enter this group MUST fill out an application form. At least 2000 hours. Clear communication skills. Knowledge of the server rules. At least 17 years old. Your Name Answer Your Age Answer Your Hours Answer Why You Should Be Accepted Answer Your Vouches Answer Leader Jayyy (@Jayyy) Leader Kazz (@Kazz) Member Dylan () Member Speedy ()