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  1. No mate was given it by a fellow officer. It isnt on this server anymore though so it's the only one available.
  2. Thermal /Night Vision scope for sale. The only one in the game. Selling for 15,000,000
  3. Hey so I have tried a few times now to put cuffs on a suspect that has surrendered and placed hands on their head. Everytime I try to the cuff them with shift R or CTRL R it does nothing. Can you please confirm if I can even cuff as a pcso or not? If I can then could it be down to server permissions granted to my character. Thanks
  4. Letting me on now mate. Thanks
  5. Hey I am trying to log on and everytime I do I go to select my role but get kicked from the server. The restriction code is #8. Can anyone help me with what's going on? Thanks