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  1. Grebez_

    - Gang Store -

    The Vermin and Sting are a bit high for a normal gun store I feel
  2. Updated Roster - 10 + Hawk, Lucifer
  3. Hello all, We are the Russian Federation Vodka Battalion or just Russian Vodka Battalion - [RFVB] we an experienced group of players, we've been playing RP servers since 2014 and are basically a group of old friends. There is no formal joining process, simply if we like you while playing you might get an invite, you will have to be very competent, we don't have a minimum hours in game requirement. Roster count - 8 Owners: Grebez_, Anthrax, Zeb, Adam Members - Jimmay, Barry Chuckle, Chum Tse, JT426 Have a nice day all.
  4. It would be cool if we could have a system so for whenever a gang member sold an item the gang funds 'taxed' this item and put the money into gang funds. Allowing for the gang funds to grow without having to take hideouts. As well as this being able to buy a house and then set it has a gang HQ for members to spawn on (like a cheap gang base but without massive walls and all that). Then allow it to be upgraded with a garage ATM market and maybe heal the players to 100% but obviously have to buy these upgrades.
  5. plus SCO19 or CTSFO just sounds wayyyyyy cooler imo XD