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  1. Specs: i7 8700k 5ghz OC ASUS Strix RTX 2080TI Asus Maximus x Hero Corsair LED 32gb of ram 3400 Samsung 970 pro m.2 WD Black 1 tb hard drive Corsair H120 water cooler Corsair 1000w Power supply
  2. There should be no link for rooster
  3. The Marauders We Always Pay Our Debts We are a rebel gang who as taken control of Gang Hide out 3, If you wanna make money and slay people Join us Requirement's: 600+ Arma 3 hours Knowledge of Arma 3 Must not be lazy to make money Weekly Gang checks Access to Gang house Must have Teamspeak Application Name - ArmA 3 Hours - Age - Country - Why Do You Want To Join Us? - What Can You Bring to The Gang - Anyone In The Gang Who Can Recommend You? - Leave no man behind ROSTER FadedHazard