• Brotherhood Roleplay Rules 11/4/2019

    General Rules    1
    The Zones    2
    Rebel Rules    3
    Police Rules    4
    NHS Rules    5
    Teamspeak    6
    Staff team    7

    General Rules

    1.1 Vehicle Deathmatch - Using any vehicle as a weapon is not allowed (e.g running people over, ramming, causing explosions, etc).
    The exception to this rule is when there is Active Initiation, MRAPs (Ifrit, Hunter, and Strider only) are allowed to ram each other.

    1.2 Random Deathmatch - Shooting at another player without engaging in any form of hostile roleplay is against the rules.

    1.3 Player Initiation - You must have VALID player initiation on the person that you are going to shoot at, you must meet the following requirements to be able to engage, if not, your initiation is invalid and you will be in breach of rule 1.2
        - You must have a firearm in your hand
        - You must be in visible of sight for the person you are initiating on (you can be behind someone you just cannot have any obstructions that cover your full body.)
        - You must make a command and threat, e.g. "Lay down on the ground or I will open fire" or "Drop your gun or I'll blast you"
    You cannot initiate via any means other than Direct Communication or Warning Shots.

        1.3.1 Gang Initiation - You must have gang tags in your name, to be able to be involved with gang combat, this is to avoid confusion of random people joining in fights and claiming they were involved.
            - Tag Examples: [YGN] Vliek, [Police] Wookie, I | Kxzzie

        1.3.2 Air Vehicle Initiation - 3 unsuppressed warning shots must be fired near the aircraft the player is in, and the helicopter upon receiving these must land, without delaying otherwise it may be shot down by the group that fired the warning shots.
    They must be given reasonable time to land, if they attempt to leave they may be fired upon.

    1.4 Third Party Software - Using any kind of scripts, macros, or modifications to give you an in-game advantage are not allowed on our platform, if you're unsure, ask a member of staff.

    1.5 Trolling - Trolling in any way is not allowed.
        - This includes: Multiple Suicides, Earraping, Soundboarding,

    1.6 Value of Life - You must always value your life as if it is your last, if someone has you at a clear disadvantage, comply with their demands.
        - 180 spinning to try and kill someone is not valuing your life in any case, unless the gunfight is already active.

    1.7 Breaking Roleplay - You are not allowed to speak out of character, there are two exceptions to the rule.
        - You are allowed to advise someone of the controls, if they are unaware.
        - You are allowed to speak out of character to any admin, they will have an Admin on Duty tag and have a VR suit on.

    1.8 Combat Logging - You are not allowed to log out whilst in active roleplay, whilst dead on the floor, or whilst in the spawn menu after dying. This is to avoid exploiting to save loadouts.
        - If you game crashes during any of this, make your best attempt to reconnect to in-game as well as teamspeak to inform an admin your game crashed.

    1.9 Combat Storing - Combat Storing is the act of saving gear/money/assets whilst in an active roleplay/combat situation. The items must be acquirable by the other party for the duration of the situation.
        - This includes: Driving vehicles into the ocean, Putting money in an ATM, Crashing helicopters during a chase.
        - This does NOT include: Storing physical and virtual items in houses and vehicles.

    1.10 Combat Spawning - You are not allowed to combat spawn, there are two types of combat spawning.
        - Vehicles: You cannot spawn vehicles whilst in an active combat situation, you are not allowed to spawn them in within 1.5km of
        the gunfight that you're involved in.
        - Location: You cannot spawn within 1.5km of a gunfight your gang is currently in, if you have friends on, make sure you check if    
        they're in a fight, and if they are and you've logged in, either log out or leave the area without getting involved.

    1.11 Discrimination - Don’t be toxic, discriminatory, racist, inappropriate or offensive towards other players.

    1.12 Language - You must speak English in order to play on our servers.

    1.13 Real-Life Trading - You may not sell or trade any in-game content for any form of payment outside of the game. Both buyer and seller will be banned. If you do want to sell in-game items you may do so for in-game payments.

    1.14 New Life Rule - A new life means that if you died your character has lost all previous memories, events and information leading up to their death. You are not to act on any of this information. And your character cannot return within 1000m of the location of death for 15 minutes.
        - You are not allowed to return for vehicles after your timer is up.
        - You cannot rejoin a situation, no matter how long your timer has been up for.
        - You can ignore this rule if you have been RDMed, VDMed or killed by an in-game bug, however you must be able to prove this or you
        will still be punished for breach of rule 1.14.

    1.15 Metagaming - which is defined as an action where a player makes use of knowledge that the character is not aware of is not allowed.

    1.16 Communications - When you have no Radio which you may have taken from you when restrained, you must not be speaking in any other form of communication than Direct channel, and Vehicle channel. This includes needing to mute on any third party software.

    1.17 Advertising - You must not advertise any other servers, services or promotions with relation to any other server that we host for, if you're not sure whether you're allowed to share it, ask the staff team in the support channels.

    1.18 Exploiting - You must not attempt to exploit in any way, if you are caught it's a likely ban, examples of this are: Duping, glitching money, looking through walls.

    1.19    Do not attempt to steal any NHS vehicle, this will get you deported from the island.

    1.20    CSO's, PCSO’s and unarmed negotiators are not to be taken as hostages.

    The Zones

    2.1    Greenzone “Safe” areas where players are able to convene without hostile interruption. They are not safe havens from the law however, Police can attempt to arrest you.
    2.1.1    You must not attempt to kill, knock out, rob or lockpick inside of the Greenzone.
    2.1.2    You must not flee from hostile roleplay to a greenzone.

    2.2    Bluezone “Police” areas where players are able to convene without hostile interruption. They are not safe havens from the law however, Police can attempt to arrest you. Police may flee out of a situation by going into a bluezone.

    2.3    Redzone “Hostile” areas where certain rules are suspended.
    2.3.1    All server rules apply in the Red zones with the exception of the RDM rule.
    2.3.2    Hostages are not allowed to be executed inside Red zones without roleplay.
    2.3.3     Only areas encircled in red are “Hostile” areas, any other zones including illegal drug fields/processing/drug dealers, Gang hideouts, north chop shop etc... do NOT fall under “Hostile” areas and all server rules apply in those areas.

    Rebel Rules

    3.1    HM Treasury
    ……….To be continued……..

    3.2    Own gang hostages
    You are unable to take your own gang member(s) hostage.

    3.3    Using the in game phone to warn police 
    You are unable to use the ingame phone to warn the police for example "“Any cops seen within ‘x’km will be shot on site”

    3.4    Spike strips
    Use of spike strips that doesn't constitute to any form of roleplay. this is classed as (1.4)Trolling.

    3.5    Warning shots
    Warning shots must be issued with 3 tracer rounds past the front and rear of the aircraft. Enough time should be given to comply before taking action.

    Police Rules

    4.1    All police must have a microphone and be on Teamspeak. If your microphone is not working or you're not on teamspeak then do not connect to the server.

    4.2    Police may not sell their equipment, or willingly give their equipment away. If there is a strong roleplay cause, exceptions can be made.

    4.3    You must not abuse your role as a cop to help out your friends.

    4.4    Do not rent vehicles or purchase equipment as a police officer then switch to a civilian to use them.

    4.5    Police are not allowed to execute players.

    4.6    Police may seize all rebel gear, including the following; Clothing, Uniforms and Vests.

    NHS Rules

    5.1    Medics are not allowed to follow gangs or Police around. Please patrol the full island of Altis or whatever hospital area you have been assigned to.

    5.2    If attending to a crime scene, consult with the nearest police officer. If all the police are dead and there are gang members or rebels present and they shout out "LEAVE THE AREA" or words to that effect, then please accept that request and leave the area asap.

    5.3    Do not rent vehicles or purchase equipment as a medic then switch to civilian and use them.

    5.4    Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect, or shots have been fired within the last 5 minutes, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time. This rule is exempt for civilians using defibrillators.

    5.5    You must not abuse your role as an NHS member to assist your friends in any way.


    6.1    Music bots and voice changers are not allowed in any of the public channels.

    6.2    Trolling or being an annoyance to anybody on Teamspeak is not tolerated.

    6.3    Toxicity, bullying and/or having offensive avatars of any kind is strictly against the rules

    Staff team

    7.1    Disrespecting staff members is not allowed.

    7.2    Decisions made by staff are final.

    7.3    Do not spam any of the staff members on the forums or TeamSpeak.

    7.4    Accusing a staff member of abuse without any evidence is disrespectful. If you have any kind of evidence please contact a senior admin or above or post a staff report.

    7.5    If an admin is wearing an admin suit (Tron / VR suit) you must act as if they are not there. Do not communicate with them unless they communicate with you. When speaking with an admin, you are permitted to break character for that discussion.

    7.6    Staff may not teleport, spawn in items/money in order to help a player in any shape or form.

    7.7    Staff will not take payment or accept any sort of bribe from anyone, this will lead to the staff member being community banned.

    7.8    Staff will not discuss internal goings on behind the scenes with anyone from outside of the team. (Please note, this does not apply to the developers and other content creators, as they may need to request something from a member).

    7.9    All rules apply to all staff members, apart from in extreme circumstances where an override is needed.

    7.10    Staff reserve the right to restrict access to our services (game server, teamspeak and forums) at their own discretion. This may include (but not limited to) players trying to cause issues, players not willing to resolve disputes, players who show a bad attitude towards rule violations etc

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