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The Marauders

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Marauders.png.a0a53bb77e5d7a71c7d2de0f2e41fea5.pngThe MaraudersMarauders.png.a0a53bb77e5d7a71c7d2de0f2e41fea5.png


We Always Pay Our Debts


We are a rebel gang who as taken control of Gang Hide out 3, If you wanna make money and slay people Join us


600+ Arma 3 hours

Knowledge of Arma 3

Must not be lazy to make money

Weekly Gang checks

Access to Gang house

Must have Teamspeak



Name - 

ArmA 3 Hours -

Age - 

Country - 

Why Do You Want To Join Us? - 

What Can You Bring to The Gang -

Anyone In The Gang Who Can Recommend You? - 

Leave no man behind



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Is this a copy and paste from another website? I can be wrong, but you cannot set a background colour in the textbox

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