Kazz - TeamSpeak 3 Ban

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Username: Kazz

TS3 UUID: 4CICQUqmI0j/r+9XMBgKG9lyd/k=

Date: Today

Reason for ban: I have no idea why I was banned, I came on after Gurkan was banned from another community with his gang, because they were all caught duping and he then said we have to unban his gang or he's getting us community banned from here, so I joined the waiting for support to try and see if we were getting banned and was just banned on the spot.


Why I want to be unbanned: I'm currently staff on another community, meaning that a lot of the time when I play we get accused of abusing shit when we play so sometimes it's nice to play somewhere where you dont have perms so you dont have to deal with those claims, and I dont want to play mainstream servers because the players don't get the same kind of TLC

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Good morning Kazz,


Sorry to hear that you are permanently banned from our teamspeak. I think what happened is, is that we mistook you for someone else.

Please accept my friend request on Discord so we can solve it there, since you cannot access the teamspeak.



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